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How do I show up to an eyelash extension appointment?

Please show up with a clean face.  Absolutely no makeup, especially mascara or under eye cream.  

~Everyone is allotted specific time frames per appointment, so by showing up with a clean face it will allow more time in lashing.  If you show up to your appointment with make-up you will be asked to re-schedule and will be charged accordingly.  We want to guarantee every client will walk out with a full set of lashes and not take time away from you. 

How do I clean my eyelash extensions?

In preventing any possible eye infections, cleaning your lashes is very vital in the upkeep.  Spoolies are available for the clients to take home in assisting.  During your face washing regiment, take a spoolie and brush your lash line and eyelash extensions.  Lashes are like your head of hair there can be buildup or debris so clean those lashes.  Remember clean lashes are beautiful lashes.  

Is it possible to get an allergic reaction with eyelash extensions?

Absolutely.  An allergic reaction to eyelash extensions is very uncommon, but does happen.  Eyelash extension, regardless of brand is like any other cosmetic brands where your body can have a reaction to.  Please understand that an allergic reaction is beyond any Lash tech's control.  If your eye lids are swollen and/or starting to itch, its advise to take an antihistamine (Claritin, Benadryl...) apply cold compressions and/or see a doctor.  Please act responsible.  

I've been getting eyelash extensions for a while, can I be having an allergic reaction?

yes, unfortunately some people after years of getting eyelash extensions build a sensitivity.  For some people their body starts to naturally reject it.  After all, eyelash extensions are beauty enhancements and are foreign to the body.  A hot tip is taking an allergy pill an hour prior to your lash appointment.  Please be responsible when taking any pills.  

Where are you located?

Lash Out Loud beauty bar is located at: 

Phenix Salon Suites

18360 Blanco Rd, suite 102

San Antonio, Texas 78258


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When do i book my fills?

2-4 weeks is recommended.  It honestly depends on your natural lash cycle and personal preference.  If you are going thru your shedding phase (which you'll notice with extensions) your appointment could be as early as 2 weeks.  Everyone's natural lashes are different in quantity and cycles.  

This is my first time getting eyelashes what type should i get?

Lash Out Loud beauty bar offers two types of lash extensions, classic and volume.

Classic lashes are individual lashes.  Classics emphasizes your natural lashes making it longer and thicker in diameter.  Think mascara but without the primer and clumps.

Volume Lashes creates fullness.  This is done by personally creating  2d-6d fans and adhered to one natural lashes.  Not to be confused with clusters.  

I've been getting lashes for awhile, do I need to take a break?

If applied properly, a break is not needed. The lash extensions will shed with your natural lashes with no disturbance to your new lash growth.  This is why a fill is a must in maintaining.  

Can I book a hair appointment and eyelash appointment?

Please contact Lash Out Loud for assistance.  

I had my lashes done from another lash tech, can i book for a fill with Lash Out Loud?

Sure.  Lash Out Loud has no problems in continuing another persons work.  Please take consideration that if the work is not equivalent to Lash Out Loud's standards, a removal will be advised with a new lash set of corse with your approval in moving forward.  Prior to booking please inform Lash Out Loud to ensure adequate time for appointment.  Prices will be charged accordingly.

Where can I book for an appointment?

You can click on the tab on top of page that reads 'Book Now' or visit www.vagaro.com/lashoutloudbb